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Amazing Peppermint Oil

Peppermint for peppermint oil

Amazing Peppermint Oil

“Where’s the peppermint oil, mom?” This is the question that we often hear around our house when someone has an ache. We rub it on skin where the ache is, put a bit behind our ears or on our wrist, and put some on the bottoms of our feet. We just use a tiny bit. We feel relief shortly after. Peppermint is amazing!

We also use peppermint for an upset stomach or nausea, as natural breath fresheners and so much more.

My husband was sold on peppermint oil after he came home from work and told me he had a headache. I put a drop on my finger with a drop of coconut oil and rubbed it across his forehead where he said it hurt. Almost immediately, the headache subsided. I did this for my sister too and now she carries a bottle in her purse. She told me recently that she’s been spreading the word and many of her co-workers now regularly use peppermint oil for their headaches.

It love that we have something all natural that provides relief and we don’t have to take typical pain medicine, which can cause side effects.

Just a few day ago, I was with my 74-year old mother who has very bad arthritis in her feet. I put coconut oil on her feet first and then I used a few drops of the peppermint oil.  She couldn’t stop telling me how wonderful that felt to her feet. I did the same for her hands. It’s also great for sore muscles.

My 16-year old started driving a few months ago. I put a few drops behind his ears and it helps him stay alert. There are some interesting studies regarding peppermint and improved brain functions like memory. My kids use peppermint oil while studying or just before a test and they tell me it helps.

Diffusing peppermint oil is fantastic too. Your room will be filled with the wonderful scent of peppermint, which improves alertness and mental sharpness. It’s invigorating.

If you have a mosquito bite or an itch, try putting peppermint oil on the spot for cooling relief.

Peppermint oil truly is so versatile. It’s great for stomach issues, digestion, cramping, headaches, and more. It’s also great for peppermint tea, adding to your shampoo to help with dandruff, diluted in the bath (just a few drops) and on on.  I also love to blend it with lavender for skin issues.

NOTE: It is important to note that peppermint essential oil is intense and very concentrated. It is recommended that you dilute with a carrier oil like coconut , almond or jojoba oil. It is advised that some people may experience a burning sensation or allergic rash, especially those with sensitive skin. And more importantly, it is never advised to use on young children.

Written by Karen Shackelford

Have you used peppermint oil? What are your stories and tips?