Private Practice - Mary Caire MD
Mary Caire MD is a ground-breaking integrative medical doctor and leader in DNA-informed precision healthcare focusing on epigenetics. She empowers all to achieve optimal health and live their best life.
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Private Practice

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Precision medicine is a holistic health care guided by advanced testing with DNA analysis at its core. This highly-informed and personalized method of practice enables us to tailor a wellness plan that not only treats symptoms but also helps reduce the risk of illness and disease.


We incorporate hormone balancing, thyroid optimization, and regenerative therapies – including those focused on bettering epigenetics – to target fatigue, weight gain, depression, pain, and the signs of aging. This type of care allows us to help our patients achieve optimal health.


We empower you to take control of your own health so you can live your very best life.


Advanced Genetic/Diagnostic Testing

Food Allergy & Micronutrient Testing

Thyroid Optimization

Physical/Sports Medicine

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Cardiac and Stroke Care

Regenerative Cell Therapy


Weight Management

Pain Management

Sexual Health





Please call the office at 214.383.9796 to request concierge program pricing.


Please contact your insurance carrier if you have any questions about lab benefits. We also offer a discounted cash-pay rate, which is usually less than the insurance/lab contracted rate.